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 Let Nature Be Your Home

Sustainable shopping made easy. 

New Habitz exists to connect people to nature by supporting sustainable and purpose-driven game changers to grow their business. We are cultivating a community of beautiful, ethical brands that are focused on bringing more sustainable care to our planet. These brands have sustainability in their DNA. The brands on New Habitz, like OHMat, offer eco-friendly products that facilitate inspiration. They have joined our purpose to help people live the green and mindful lifestyle they dream about.


Growing new habits together where each small step is a beautiful miracle.

New Habitz is here to support your journey, to help you find the place you fit in this world. To bring hope to our planet while we’re bringing beauty and self care to your daily life. You deserve to walk into your home after a long day, smell your organic essential oils and touch the soft, handmade organic tapestry that hangs above your ethically sourced down pillows, and instantly feel calm contentment well up inside of you.

We are excited and hope you love this green movement of making a difference as much as we do! Love, Debbie founder OHMat.

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new habitz ohmat yogamats sustainable marketplace

June 17, 2021 — OHMat Amsterdam

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