OHMat's Fair Fashion at PROJECT CECE!

OHMat's Fair Fashion at PROJECT CECE!

Why Project Cece.

There are many people who want to buy fair trade and sustainable clothing, but fail to always do so. We used to be one of them. For us there were two main reasons why we didn’t always buy sustainable:

1) Conscious clothing is often more expensive
2) Conscious clothing is harder to find

The first thing we can’t really change, but about the second we can do something! With Project Cece we want to make it easier to buy conscious clothing. There are more than enough conscious clothing brands available, but online they are spread over many (relatively small) web shops. As a consumer, we often need to visit multiple web shops before we find the item we are looking for. We want to make this process easier by collecting all the available conscious clothing on one website.

But is every product on Project Cece sustainable and fair in the same amount? No. The fashion industry is complex and the processes between production to sales are often not transparent. That makes it extra difficult for the well-meaning buyer. We want to make it easier to buy informed. Therefore, in addition to the clothing items, we also collect information about the brand and, if applicable, the certificates it has. We present this information intuitively so that everyone can make a well-informed choice without spending hours searching on the internet.


Making fair choices easy.

We collect fair and sustainable clothing from many different web shops so you can easily choose. But what is fair or sustainable clothing actually? Often this is not so easy to determine since the entire process from production to sale is in most cases not very transparent and difficult to control. Therefore, we do not determine what is sustainable and fair ourselves, but we collect the information that is available online so that you can easily see what is known about the brand. We divide the products in the categories shown in the image, but once you click on the product you will get more information about the brand and what it does to fall under this category. This is what we call the SmartChoice method: You decide if the product is sustainable enough for your own ethical standards.




February 08, 2020 — IT Synergy Collaborator