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JAHNAVI is an other name of mother Ganges, the famous river in India. May your heart find peace wearing Jahnavi.

The Story
Your clothing is made by miss Girija. She is a Indian lady entrepreneur, a mother and a Bhakti yogi. We met recently in India on one of my travels for yoga. I wasn't thinking of doing business at all though this time. Then the magic happens. Miss Girija has her small store in Vrindavan, where we created the dresses and scarfs for you together. From one woman to another woman, from one mother to another mother. I feel that it is precious to have found her cause doing business with big green factories just didn't feel right. I love the fact that her exclusive dresses find her way to you via OHMat and that she and her creative craftswork for fair fashion will be rocking the streets in the West!

My aim and search was and will be to make ethical dresses for every occasion and season to season. Simpy to wear to work, on free days for your coffee date or over your legging to a yoga class. On the colder days you can style it with a vest and in the summer you can go barefoot in it to the beach. You will see for sure that many items in your own wardrobe match the dress. The dress  is transforming your whole wardrobe to a sustainable one. Thats why we consciously choose timeless design that will not fade in your shelve. Cause Fair Fashion should be fair in every string. And most of all, this is where you come in to close our circle, wear your fair fashion with honor and share the message that needs to be spread.

The scarfs are hand-woven cottons dyed with Vegetable Ink.
This process is called Khadhi. An ancient crafts work that is now picked up again by the fashion world. And for the better cause the scarfs are woven into perfection. they are strong though still soft. Normally you pay big prices for this work, but because I directly order from miss Girija we can keep it fair.

You can wear them as a bohemian headscarf or wrapped around your neck while meditating on my yogamat.

Fair fashion starts with a single thread that is binding us all.


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