I came to the retreat and I did not know at all what to expect I was open and a bit sceptical: 😝 sunny weather, only women and a lot of yoga  more I couldn’t  imagine. Mostly I do not like to be in groups  and especially talking in groups I normally hate so it was a bit challenging for me…

What now happend after the 5 days I could not imagine:
I feel more self-confident in myself, in my body, I feel my soft side again, my femininity, I feel energised in my mind and in my body. My body feels stronger, my mind feels clearer. I feel more loving for my surrounding, for the nature, the Family, Friends and totally strangers, I am more trustful, I feel more guided there is a nice and warm feeling inside of me.☀️

I loved the yoga how Debby showed us: no pressure and the feeling of everything is possible! That was such a deep feeling of trust, honesty  and joy! Loved it! 💜❤️  Being at home I still do every morning my down-facing dog and other yoga asanas! I am very disciplined with that I was not before. Whow!
I am very grateful for your deep words you wrote down every night Debby and shared with us!!! The words touched me very deep in my heart!💜
I felt so safe and welcomed in the group I am grateful for that experience.  Madhavi's loveletter idea was such a wonderful gift we took home to remember. The yoga nidra session at the beach, the warm sand under my feet what a nice feeling! The oils always be there and Madhavi's big knowledge in oils if something was not going round. She had always an advice for help. 

The tasty food gorgious!!!!

The chanting together touched my soul and Madhavi's gorgeous voice was going very deep!🙏

I thank you sooooo much for that healing time, girls! You are wonderful women, don’t forget that! Special thanks to Debbie and Madhavi who made that experience possible, you  two gave me so many inspirations and impulses I often think of it and you in my daily live! And my dear friend Laura  I am so grateful that you asked me to join you on this journey and we made this experience together!

I send you all a big hug from Hamburg! 🤗😍😘


The Spirit Health retreat was a truly life changing experience for me. I could feel the hosts Debbie and Madhavi’s loving, care and presence throughout the 5 days.
Everything from the beautiful location, the yoga and Kirtan classes was of top quality. The food was a gastronomic delight both in taste and presentation.
One of the highlights for me was the Yoga Nidra Class On the beach.

I highly recommend this retreat for others. Kristin , Norway


Debbie and Madhavi opened up their warm arms to us and gave is the best experience in my life, that I will carry on in my heart, spirit and soul for the rest of my life. They really gave me so much healing and love. And from all the other women i didn't know at all. We now share the most beautiful sisterhood and I have grown so much from this. And shows us and learning us about Hare Krishna, to see their love and passion to the philosophy made me cry happy tears many times. I have both cried my eyes out and laughed so hard !!
All love for u other women out there i hope you Will experience the same thing !! 

💚 Ana, Sweden


Debbie and Madhavi are leading the Spirit Health Retreat with so much love and great passion.
Their guidance helps a lot during the process of finding the inner purpose and embracing ourselves fully as a woman.
Besides Yoga, philosophy and meditation we also experienced lovely Kirtans, cacao ceremony and chanting. Pampered with delicious and healthy food in the amazing villa surrounded by lemon and tangerine trees, we grew together in our women circle and connected deeply.
Thank you two a lot for your caring!

Much love ❤️ Bettina S. - Germany