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We support the earth in creating products that contribute to a higher good.

Unique design

We believe in elevating our consciousness is an expression of the soul. Using the wisdom of creative artwork combined with a deep connection to the power of the earth's energy, we raise our awareness and connect to the self.

Our purpose is to support you on your journey to a higher consciousness. Deeply rooted in spirituality, we believe that yogic practices change how we show up in the world reflecting the true value of owning ourselves. The spiritual path keeps us steady and safe, committed to showing up for the daily ritual of Asana.

Our Philosophy


Using the wisdom of creative, intentionally designed artwork combined with a deep connection to the power of the earth’s energy we elevate consciousness-raising our awareness and connecting to the supreme self.

We are a brand with a purpose, we lead with the heart. Each design has been carefully considered in a conscious way to harness our own personal values and how we show up to this world.

for the WEllNess business

Branding Your Bespoke Yoga Mat

We worked this year together with KENZO for their Sport collection. KENZO introduced our collaboration for an exclusive KENZO yoga mat to provide to all yoga lovers.

But also we work with high end global hotels in the wellness business and yoga studios creating their BESPOKE sustainable yoga mat.


A human brand built on the fundamentals of kindness and love.

in all that we do we encourage meaningful change and inspire others to do the same


Part of our ethos is to encourage daily rituals as a way to consistently show up for ourselves and one another.

Ritual brings structure and purpose to our lives, and through our mats, we offer a creative design that inspires you to consciously connect to your inner wisdom while building a sacred foundation to life.


Through spiritual practices, we live with purpose

creating meaningful connections in our lives and supporting our return to the mat.


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