Sacred Journeys, Devotion, and Adventure in India

Using the wisdom of creative,
intentionally designs on your yoga mat

To serve for your higher good

6 - 18 October 2024 | a 13-day journey

Rishikesh - Himalaya Trek - Vrindavan

We believe that the pursuit of transcending material aspects of life is the essence of human existence. It is our sincere conviction that dedicating time to such a spiritual quest is not just a choice but a fundamental responsibility. Participants who have embarked on this sacred journey in the past have unequivocally described it as a profound life-altering experience, a demarcation between the life they knew before and the transformative existence that followed. The impact of this expedition has imprinted a lasting significance on their lives. We are steadfast in our belief that the sanctified locations we are about to explore hold the power to bestow such profound blessings.


Elevating consciousness isn't just a journey; it's an expression of the soul.

Our purpose is to support you on your journey to a higher consciousness. At Ohmat, we believe in offerings that resonate with this ethos, whether it's through our pilgrim to India or consciously crafted goods. Our mission is simple: to support you in raising awareness and forging a deeper connection with your true self.

We are a brand with a purpose, we lead with the heart. Each product, sacred journey, or design has been carefully considered in a conscious way to harness our own personal values and how we show up to this world.


Jeya Daï

JEYA DAÏ is daughter of OHMat, and ethical fashion brand. Using organic natural (preloved) materials, each product we produce is carefully crafted to lessen our footprint on the earth. We believe in transparency and source through responsible and reliable suppliers.

Understanding our supply chain means that we consciously exchange energy with those who contribute and beyond.

Bespoke custom orders only. Contact me.

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To support you on your journey to a higher consciousness.

What we believe in

At the core of our ethos lies the encouragement to consistently show up ourselves and one another.


A platform built on the fundamentals of kindness and love.

in all that we do we encourage meaningful change and inspire others to do the same

ohmat pilgrim india

Through spiritual practices, we live with purpose.

Organizing meaningful pilgrimages to India, we aim to be a supportive presence in people's lives, contributing to a sense of wholeness and purpose.

for the WEllNess business

Branding Your Bespoke Yoga Mat

We worked this year together with KENZO for their Sport collection. KENZO introduced our collaboration for an exclusive KENZO yoga mat to provide to all yoga lovers.

But also we work with high end global hotels in the wellness business and yoga studios creating their BESPOKE sustainable yoga mat.

Part of our ethos is to encourage daily rituals as a way to consistently show up for ourselves and one another. Ritual brings structure and purpose to our lives to consciously connect to your inner wisdom while building a sacred foundation to life.

Our Philosophy


Using the wisdom of creative, intentionally designed artwork combined with a deep connection to the power of the earth’s energy we elevate consciousness-raising our awareness and connecting to the supreme self.

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