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KENZO x OHMAT yoga mat

As part of the KENZOSport collection, KENZO introduced our collaboration for an exclusive KENZO yoga mat to provide to all KENZO spiritual yoga lovers. And we are very proud for this beautiful collaboration. It took many months to create and manufacture their bespoke yogamat as a first introduction to their vibrant new Sport collection, that was designed by their head designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista.

The KENZO x OHMAT yoga mat is made in an eco-consciousness perspective with long lasting, plant-based and plastic free materials that makes it strong and durable. With its high superior wear and longevity, this high-quality yoga mat provides stability on hard or soft surfaces.



OHMat supports the earth in creating products that contribute to a higher good. Using organic natural materials, each product we produce is carefully crafted to lessen our footprint on the earth. We believe in transparency and source through responsible and reliable suppliers. Understanding our supply chain means that we consciously exchange energy with those who contribute and beyond.

Using the wisdom of creative, intentionally designed artwork

combined with a deep connection to the power of the earth’s energy we elevate consciousness-raising our awareness and connecting to the supreme self.


Yoga Clothing

OHMat Yoga | High Waist | Timeless & Charming Knitted Look.
These OHMat Yoga leggings & top are match made in heaven for every stylish yogi that prefers simple though classy. Wear it with joy from your yoga mat to the street with a great sense of femininity.

Classy in the studio and beyond. 

Share with friends! One set € 59, two sets € 99. Automatic on checkout. 

OHMat supports the earth in creating products that contribute to a higher good.

customize and styling

Branding mats & Styling your studio or hotel

We help flourish yoga & wellness businesses around the world with branding your own yoga mat and/or style the interior of your retreat centre, yoga studio or boutique hotel. You can think of your own desinged, branded yoga mat, or an unique wallpaper design in your yoga shala.

We do this for businesses as well for individual yogis.

We experience every assignment as an honor that we achieve with the utmost perfection. OHMat distinguishes itself in personality, sincere honesty and the quality that best suits your company.

ohmat yoga

Your journey beyond the mat

OHMat is a unique brand with conscious choosen sustainable yoga lifestyle products

with a zero plastic policy.

ohmat yoga

Part of our ethos is to encourage daily rituals as a way to consistently show up for ourselves and one another.

Ritual brings structure and purpose to our lives, and through our mats, we offer a creative design that inspires you to consciously connect to your inner wisdom while building a sacred foundation to life.

ohmat yoga

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