Love Out Loud Vegan Yoga Retreat

OHMat Amsterdam

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Every day
a little more excited for the journey to come, the Love is beating within. Ready to unleash and it leaves goosebumps on my body as thoughts manifestating the Awareness. Seeds are planting, ready to burst into this Spring level of Consciousness. We will dive into the reality as it is, with tears to come, laugher to be heard and arms to embrace.
Seeing you, from my heart,
Holding you, from my heart
Listening, from my heart.
Let us serve you from the heart & Love Out Loud.

With hands folded in front of our hearts, we offering you 30% discount if you bring your friend. Together you can walk the path to Bali, where you can explore safely the path within. To grown and expand, to unraffel and unveil, and through this exploration we can connect and realize the Self..

We are all Sat-chit-ananda! Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

Why again??
- Science of Self Realization through Indian philosophy with our former monk Liladhar
- Daily silence time & meditation to travel within and contemplate,
- Daily Yoga asanas Yin & Yang to connect Body Mind with Soul,
- Traditional Indian ceremonies to experience the meaning of Devotion
- Daily Kirtan, musical vibes
- Health workshop with local Priestess
- Incredible fresh tasty Vegan Food and fresh fruit juices
and being part of a community that serves you with much more!

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OHMat Amsterdam

Wander-lust wrote a lovely article on their Travel Blog

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Vegan sisters Isabella & Loulou Machine have already set ground in Amsterdam with their monthly Go With The Glow vegan brunches that attracts hip Amsterdam. Proving that a vegan lifestyle is anything but boring, they introduce new people to a lifestyle that is kind to animals, the planet and your body. This coming May they are taking this message overseas and the girls will host a vegan yoga retreat in Bali named

Love Out Loud.

ohmat, hot custom printed yoga mat , debbie jongejan, go with the glow

Total Zen in Bali
The boutique resort in Bali will be situated in between the rice fields of Ubud and will focus on yoga and spirituality. The ‘LOVE out loud’ yoga retreat is there to break the boundaries of a consciously styled life to live more from the true intentions of the heart. There is a 7-day full circle of yoga program designed to fulfill the desire of the participants who want to raise their consciousness to a higher level. The program offers physical challenges, attention to spiritual growth accompanied by a former monk, a vegan and organic menu that reflects the principles of yoga, breathing techniques and silences.

 Connect body and mind with yoga, listen to your heart in silence, feed your soul with plant based food and awake.
Love Out Loud! 

naya-vegan yoga retreat on Bali
Healthy vegan food will be served during the retreat

Date: 25th – 31st of May 2017.
The Vegan Yoga retreat cost vary between € 1650,- ( including a single room) € 1550,- (including a double / shared room) or  non residential for € 850,-. Prices do not include flights to Bali.
For more info and tickets, check the Facebook Page
or check their website:

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Love Out Loud Vegan Yoga Retreats

OHMat Amsterdam

love out loud vegan yoga retreats

Debbie, founder of OHMat together with her beloved Liladhar, and her soulsister from Vegan platform Go With The Glow combined forces of energy.

The Love Out Loud Vegan Yoga Retreat is designed with compassion to serve you with Love, to ease the mind, relax the body to experience a journey where we awaken the joy of our spirit soul in a luxury boutique yoga resort in Ubud-Bali upcomming May 2017.

We believe that it is important to nourish the body and soul by delighting the senses through organic plantbased food, spiritual practice of yoga and stillness. For this reason we organise this magical journey that will nurture you on every level of your spiritual quest.

We created a sacred FULL CIRCLE of YOGA program, that goes beyond daily yoga asanas, and aims to reconnect with your true enlighten nature. That lays unspoiled in your heart, behinds all the layers of passed experiences, and which allows you to unveil your authentic Light within.

the Green Happiness

ohmat, hot custom printed yoga mat , debbie jongejan

Debbie Jongejan, eigenaresse van OHMat Dutch Design Yoga Mats, hot custom printed Yoga mats, global Yoga Teacher @ Love Out Loud Yoga retreats & Thai Yoga Massage therapeute:

‘Yoga voor mij is iets mysterieus, joy en bevrijding van mijn gedachtes en diepere connectie met mijn hart en die van anderen. Yoga voor mij houdt de wijsheid, de oorsprong van ons Universum en de absolute waarheid. Yoga heeft mij inmiddels de bewustzijn gegeven van deze zoete nectar van devotie waar ik van blijf peuzelen. De innerlijk wijsheid die zonder woorden, oordeel een pad is naar bevrijding. Om door ego heen te snijden, de illusie van de gedachtes, en de realisatie van de ultieme bron van liefde diep geworteld in mijn hart. Onaangetast… ‘

‘12 jaar geleden maakte ik mij eerste bewegingen op een yogamat. Nooit verwacht dat yoga mij elke keer weer zou voeden met zoete devotie. Mijn dagelijkse yoga practice, een mantra, een bloem, een ervaring, een ademhaling, alles is onderdeel van de circle of yoga die verweven is mijn leven. Dankbaar bestudeer ik dagelijks de yogafilosofie in het verre oosten van India tot Indonesië, maar zelfs hier in het nuchtere Amsterdam heeft yoga mij de ware liefde laten ervaren. Yoga is niet alleen te ervaren in externe materieel zaken of reizen, het is de reis van binnen die zonder grenzen en belemmeringen bewandeld kan worden. Een spirituele reis die ver voorbij de yogamat gaat en met zoveel dankbaarheid gedeeld kan worden in deze wereld.’

 Hele artikel via: the Green Happiness


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ohmat, hot custom printed yoga mat , debbie jongejan, yoga retreat love out loud

Join us on the most spiritual, vibrant and healthy yoga retreat you come across; The OHMat X Go With The Glow Vegan Yoga Retreat. We believe that it is important to nourish the body and soul by delighting the senses through organic plantbased food, yoga and stillness. For this reason we organize this magical journey that will nurture you on every level of your spiritual quest, to reconnect with your authentic unspoiled light within, to LOVE OUT LOUD. We know from personal living experience in Ubud Bali, that this place will embrace your creativity, consciousness and true bliss. Your team is composed of a former Hindu monk Liladhar, a professional 200RYT yoga teacher Debbie and experienced vegan experts Loulou & Isabella.