'What means Yoga to you'; for the Green Happiness..

'What means Yoga to you'; for the Green Happiness..

December 20, 2016 — OHMat Amsterdam
Live the life of your dreams

Live the life of your dreams


Ever find yourself day dreaming on a holiday, being or doing something you are not doing?
Guess a lot among us have experienced these thoughts.. Every achievement in life starts with a dream. This dream can lead you into a brand new life, if you start planting the seeds to grow. Think of the great inspirer in your life or look at Martin Luther King.. He started once with a dream. Please be mindful… don’t ever think you can’t be an inspirer. Think big, you will be big. Think Love, you will be Love. You truly convey your thoughts.

For many years I didn’t take my dreams serious, till that moment in life where I just knew I had to burst out of it. I stepped out of my comfort zone by taking some warrior steps... Yes, I had to say goodbye to my happy social life and dear loving friends for a while to find my dream and purpose. Gosh, I was truly afraid of the ‘not knowing’. But even more afraid of never knowing, and that my life would just flow by, without ever knowing.

Being on this path you can ask yourself some soul questions. What is your talent? Your passion and your greatest dreams? Take time to plant seeds of your dreams and see how your next reality will unfold. Don’t be hasty. Like in Yoga you flow naturally and grown organically into your yoga practice. Your life and reality will not change over night. Your seeds need to be nurtured for it to grow. Like a beautiful art-work you draw every line consciously, and you choose your colors wisely from the heart.

So while you are in this process remember to cherish your visions. Embrace the beat of your heart and surround yourself with friends and people that support you. Cause unfortunately the world around us is not always supportive about change. Don’t let yourself get distracted on your path by it. For me the most important advice was to stay focused along my path. No distractions or excuses for yourself.

If you didn’t figure out what your dream is, but you do feel something happening down in your gut reading this blog, I can give some questions to answer:
- Name 5 things you are most proud of?
- Name 5 things you will be most proud of ?
- What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
Answer these questions and let them sink in for a while. Rewrite them if you want to over days. Remember your yoga mantra: grow naturally and organically. I quote Lao Tzu: ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whole plan ahead. Cross that next bridge when you get to it.

Now I leave you with just a simple reminder when you step on your yoga mat today and set your intention. ‘All the beautiful dreams you have, reside in your own soul. Find your way by reaching within’.

July 22, 2015 — OHMat Amsterdam