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WISDOM is designed from a Woman heart for a Woman heart. Being part of a demanding society where everybody shows their best qualities on different social media channels it was time to make a statement. Cause we can only truly thrive when we cultivate the wisdom of our heart, often lightened by an intuition or a calling for Self Realisation.

In Spiritual world there is an answer and higher science for every soul that really want to highlight that unique quality of every living being. And when we unveil these unique qualities within ourselves by yoga and mediation, we can see them also in others. When we look with those eyes in the mirror upon ourselves, we then can also look into the world where we can make a change. Cause we all know it is time to step it up for us, ‘the Green Yoga Lovers of Life’. Yoga asana has passed globally the need for keeping shape of the body, it is raising now awareness in every single soul that steps on the mat, where yoga philosophy gives tools and opportunity to ignite the inner power of every living human being.

Debbie, founder and head designer of OHMat, used Spiritual Visuals for embodying the WISDOM design, at the bottom of the mat she used the Earth sign, to remind ourselves of rooting on Earth every time we start doing yoga. To deeply understand from where we begin and where we can return. Then the half & full moon to connect to Universal Laws of mother Earth. Moon represents our inner qualities like kindness and Love and to overcome our demons in every cycle. Last on top the sign for enlightenment. This is where Bhakti Yoga is becoming a daily reminder of our devotional practice.

.Free bag-strap to carry your mat.

CONSCIOUS material
- 100% biodegradable natural rubber, absorbent soft CORK top layer
- Cork from Portugal
- After you sweat you create the grip.
- Eco friendly water based ink printing
- Free from latex, silicone, toxic glue
- For all HOT yoga practice and perfect for YIN or RESTORATIVE healing practice

Cleaning and care Instructions:
1. Keep it away from oil or acid detergent to avoid etching or slipping or leaving stain on the toplayer;
2. Don’t expose to the sun;
3. Clean it with soft damp warm towel with natural little bit of soap & air drying.

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