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Dates 15 - 24 October 2023 

We - my wonderful wife Debbie and I Liladhar want to share with you the amazing jewels that the most amazing country on the planet Earth, India, has left us. Despite numerous attempts for more than a thousand years by the Islamic world, the English Empire, and now the culture of Western materialism to destroy their culture, religion, traditions and the inner world of people, India has retained much of what they wanted to take away from them. These are various spiritual practices, faith and strength, Vedic scriptures, Ayurvedic medicine, Jyotish astrology, music, temples, traditions, relationship culture and the list is much longer.

I have been studying Vedic culture and its practical foundations in detail since 2002. In 2006 I was initiated into the Bhakti tradition. I was lucky and for 12 years I was a young monk (Brahmacharya), living and traveling in the temples of southern and northern India, studying the scriptures, practicing prayers and chanting mantras, meditation and features of religion and culture. After that I moved to Europe to Amsterdam and met my wonderful wife Debbie (founder OHMat) who is beautiful being, my helper, family protector and wonderful mother. We have a five years old daughter Jeya. And a few years ago we moved to Portugal Algarve to a  quiet place in the south. We practice meditation and prayer together, raise a child and work together. We have 17 hectares of land on which we are building something very good and useful to the world. My beloved wife Debbie started yoga journey 20 years ago and since 10 years also a respected yoga teacher, teaching in Bali, Amsterdam and Portugal, and together we are walking the bhakti yoga path for over 7 years. She organised Bhakti events and held several yoga retreats guiding mostly women on their search for yoga lifestyle. 

A few years ago we decided that we were ripe as a family to start taking groups of people to India to share this ancient beautiful wisdom with others. First of all, for our own inspiration and purification of the heart. After all, this is the first task of a person seeking truth - to prepare the heart for a meeting with the Truth. But our daughter was still too young then. After our last trip in 2022 to northern India, to a sacred area of Vrindavan, we received many letters with wishes to travel with us. Thus, we realised that this was a sign and decided that in October 2023 we will make a pilgrimage to ancient sacred places of India.

pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie

Pilgrimage can be different, it can be long or short, you can stay in one place, or you can travel from one place to another, each person can have his own goals but what exactly can be said that if a person has decided and understood that India is the birthplace of freedom, spiritual love and inner search, that even a little acquaintance with its culture and tradition will bring him or her immeasurable benefit. When a person goes there alone, without an assistant or guide, then you have a great chance nót to notice those spiritual gifts that are hidden under the cover of loud sounds of car horns, garbage and obsessive beggars.

    Therefore, we invite you to go with us on a 10-day pilgrimage journey. In which we promise you care and support throughout the sacred journey. We have planned our journey in such a way that you are comfortable and at the same time that you can experience a spiritual adventure that is always unpredictable. In order for you to be able to adapt and get used to it, we decided to choose South India for the first half of our trip, which is the most traditional, safe and calm part.

    Every day we will meet together and I have prepared for you a short course of lectures on the spiritual culture and religion of India. As well as my practical realisations about life in India. At the end of each meeting, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and chat little bit. We will spend a few days on the beautiful sacred Varkala Beach, a sea side city of Trivandrum in the Ayurvedic capital of India, in the state of Kerala. We will visit a beautiful temple dedicated to the supreme god Vishnu (Janardana Swami Temple), built in the traditional South Indian style. A high staircase leads to the temple. Every morning Debbie will teach a yoga class and you will be charmed by her beautiful voice and warm care. For those who wish, we will arrange a consultation with a good Ayurvedic doctor, who will determine your constitution (Dosha) early in the morning by your pulse and prescribe you Ayurvedic medicines, which we will buy there. We know which brand of medicine is best to buy. We also will go to a concert of traditional Indian music in one of the beautiful resorts of Varkala. Ofcourse, you can also get a good massage and spa treatments in your spare time. Delicious South Indian food and breathtaking sunsets are also included.

   Then we will fly to North India to Delhi, visit a large temple complex in the center of Delhi, then take a taxi and in 2.5 hours we will reach the goal of our trip - this is the sacred ancient city of Vrindavan, also known as the city of 5000 temples. This is a place where since ancient times pilgrims come from all over India, and now from all over the world. Already from early morning 4-5 am, you can hear the ringing of bells and sadhus rushing to the first early service (Arati) in the temples. This is the place where Krishna, the original truth and personified love, as described by the sacred scriptures and teachers of the past - one of the incarnations of God on earth, was born and lived many thousands of years ago. For 4 days we will try with you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this truly transcendent place. We will visit temples, sing kirtans, discuss spiritual philosophy, do shopping at local markets, making photos, share impressions with each other, eat, laugh and reflect deeply.


pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie 

Day to Day Highlights (aprox) : 

15 Oct :  Arrival in Kochi, Liladhar will guide the group in Taxi's to Varkala where Debbie is awaiting the group in our first accommodation with welcome drinks & food.

16 Oct :  Exploring Varkala and street-life, evening concert of traditional Indian music

17 Oct : 6am Temple visit and sunset beach

18 Oct :  TRAVEL DAY | from Kochi we flight in 2/5 hours to New Delhi. Visit temple and enjoying a fine dining date in town. (buy your local flight ticket, ask us details, Kochi to New Delhi. aprox 80 $ depending on your size of luggage

19 Oct :  Travel to Vrindavan in 2/5 hour taxi ride. Settle in, in our guesthouse. Afternoon visiting Prabhupada's Samadhi Mandir & the 24 hour Kirtan temple

20 Oct :  Early morning 2-hour traditional parikrama walk around town. Afternoon Radha Raman Temple

21 Oct :  Early morning Yamuna boat ride sunrise. Afternoon Radha Damodar temple

22 Oct :  Go (cow) shala. Afternoon Loi Bazar local artisan market

23 Oct :  Morning Arati in the temple and ending our pilgrim in MVT guesthouse garden.

*Daily we have sadhu sangha, and if program allows also daily yoga asana.

** Daily we share 3 meals, morning breakfast, lunch and dinner.

pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie 


It will not surprise you but this is not a fancy Yoga resort retreat. We will be staying in average India Guesthouses that have wooden bed frames & firm mattresses. This is how they do it in India. In Ayurveda this is the promoted way for supporting the body for rest. A month before we fly all out, we will confirm the places where we will stay, cause by then we know how big the group is for the pilgrim. We have many contacts and friends living in India that can help us finding the best places in town for our Indian way of comfort at night. 


Since we stay in guesthouses food is not included. That why we cant cover the cost in our package price. But we have set timing for food in our program, so we eat together 3 meals a day.  We will select the best Vegetarian restaurants for us to visit as a group. You can already have a good meal for aprox 10eur per meal. But this is up to your budget, can be more or less.. Sometimes we will visit a street-food place that we personally know  (and never got sick from) and sometimes a restaurant. To vary the experience of it all.

In New Delhi we will take you out for fine dining vegetarian cuisine in New Delhi. This date is on us! 

pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie


1299€ based on shared accommodation 

1499€ based on single accommodation 

We ask you to confirm your spot with a 250€ non-refundable deposit. The last amount you can pay a month before the pilgrim starts, or in cash upon arrival. If you prefer paying in instalments then please reach out to us. 

All guests are welcomed. If you wish to bring your child, please consult us for advice first.  

pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie


9 nights Indian guesthouse accommodation

1 Traditional Ayurvedic oil massage in Varkala

Welcome drinks and food in Varkala

Music evening concert in Varkala

1 fine dining vegetarian cuisine in New Delhi

Yoga asana classes

Daily Sadhu Sangha / sharing bhakti wisdom

Daily sharing history and traditions about India

Transport (riksja) to temples and activities

Taxi Transport from Delhi to Vrindavan

Transport from Kochi airport to Varkala

pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie


Your Return Flight, book instantly to keep price low, and ask us for flight info.

Flight from Kochi to New Delhi on 18 October 2023


Transfer to airport to fly home

Travel Insurances, optional vaccination, covid-19 regulations if there are. 

pilgrim sacred india ohmat debbie


 Pack your Open Heart & Mind

 This is a Women & Men Pilgrim

• Notebook & pen

• Bring comfort clothing, covering shoulders and knees for in temples (skirts, scarfs etc you can buy a lot in India too) Make sure to bring clothing that is ok to get dirty or messy. Flip flops, birkenstock, croqs or comfy shoes that are easy to take off going in and out the temple. 

 Don't forget Beach wear, sun screen 

• Mosquito repellent (also available in India)

 Arrange ur Travel insurance 

Your personal travel necessary

 Make sure to update yourself with your local Travel info to India (COVID 19)

• There is always a laundry place to find to wash clothing if needed. 

• Visa or Credit Card that is to be used world-wide in any atm. 



You can sent us simply your email with your wishes to join!